Russia’s new ‘Muffin Computer’ wants to keep smartphone cozy

I was chugging espresso and eating currywurst in the press room at Messe Berlin, looking through the IFA application when I discovered Muffin Computer. Or then again should I say Muffin Computer discovered me.

What is Muffin Computer? Biscuit Computer is a Russian tech startup—a reality that at first grabbed my attention as I was planning to locate some intriguing European sellers at Europe’s greatest shopper tech gathering. I was tickled by the name—Muffin Computer!— so I tapped the organization name to discover more data.

Companions, Muffin Computer, puts forth the Muffin Defense, which is intended to prevent cell phones from passing on in chilly climate. I surmise this is a typical issue in Russia where I’m advised the winters are merciless enough to decimate a German armed force. It likewise serves as a battery matter, in light of the fact that even in Russia it isn’t generally the dead of winter.

The first occasion when I cruised by, the corner was still under development, and I was en route to another gathering. The subsequent time, an agent gave me a major grin. She appeared to be diminished, as Muffin Computer’s corner was very little and concealed away. I inquired as to whether I could see the cell phone condition, and afterward she murmured.

“It’s, ah, not here the present moment. Our CEO has it, and he isn’t here.”

I vowed to return later.

In the wake of meandering around Messe Berlin for some time, I returned. This time, there was another Muffin Computer agent, and a more seasoned man who I accepted that was the previously mentioned CEO. I requested to see the event once more.

The Muffin Matter appears as though your normal telephone condition, with somewhat of a distending butt—apparently to house the warming component and additional battery. You can modify inside a partner application whether you need to warmth or fee the telephone, just as program a temperature extend. Biscuit Computer disclosed to me it keeps your telephone at the perfect operational temperature, inside a 5-10 degree run in Celsius. You additionally get 6 hours of battery life while in warming mode.

This was transferred to me by a Muffin Computer delegate, yet I began to feel terrible. He was obviously anxious and would take breaks to let out profound murmurs. I needed to reveal to him he was doing fine, however his supervisor was viewing with the look of a bird of prey. Now and again, he’d hinder in Russian and point at the condition—and the rep would enlighten me concerning another element.

Toward the end, he woofed one final time, and the rep moaned.

“Would you be able to mention to me what organization you’re from? It is difficult to get the subsidizing.”

“Gracious, I’m a correspondent from Gizmodo.”


“It’s a tech blog in America!”

“Gracious,” he answered, however it was truly obvious on every one of the three of Muffin Computer’s delegates that they were crushed I didn’t have billions of dollars to contribute and had never known about our site. To help the disposition, I attempted to recount to an anecdote about how one time during a polar vortex, the 7 train simply quit working and I needed to call a Uber home—just to locate the virus had killed my battery. I stated, earnestly, that at the time I would’ve enjoyed a Muffin Matter. They courteously gestured, gave me a flyer with their press data, and returned to conversing with one another in Russian.

I couldn’t generally let it end there. Before I left, I asked—Why Muffin? Prior to going to their stall, I had maybe critically estimated it was a mixed up endeavor at suppressor or muff, the two things intended to keep you warm.

“Goodness.” The Muffin Computer rep shrugged. “Since you know, similar to, biscuits are new. They’re entertaining. We would prefer not to resemble, ‘Endeavor yakkity yak’ or whatever.”

I don’t have a clue what’s on the horizon for Muffin Computer, however in the wake of visiting its stall, I seriously promise to keep my telephone warm on cool evenings.

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